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CurioZities Coloring Monthly Adult Coloring Pages Club

Monthly Coloring Club

Monthly Coloring Club
The CurioZities Coloring Monthly Coloring Club logo
It’s here!

Welcome to our latest project, the CurioZities Coloring Monthly Adult Coloring Pages Club!

Join the club and each month you’ll receive 30 original coloring pages with unique mandala designs not available anywhere else! We’re also including surprise bonus coloring pages each month, so you get a little “extra” with your membership.

Watch our short trailer video to see what’s inside:

Membership is easy and it’s less than the cost of a standard “value” meal. And you get a whole month’s worth of coloring fun delivered to your inbox the first week of each month.

Join now and enjoy a special introductory discount of 40% off for as long as you remain a member! Just visit http://curiozitiescoloring.com/club and enter promo code “intro.” Don’t delay though, this special offer ends soon!

Preview video of CurioZities’ Curious Book of Coloring for Adults: Mandalas Volume 1

UPDATE 10/16/15: We now have ALL preview items for CurioZities’ Curious Book of Coloring for Adults – Mandalas Volume 1, including a shorter video and an image slideshow you can view at your own pace, on this special sneak peek preview page.


It’s here!  Well, the video preview of our first-ever adult coloring book, that is.

Has this happened to you?  You saw a coloring book you thought you’d like online, you checked out the limited preview pages they let you look at, and you went ahead and bought it.  But when you received it… disappointment.

That won’t happen with CurioZities Coloring.  This video features every single coloring image in our first coloring book, CurioZities’ Curious Book of Coloring for Adults: Mandalas Volume 1.  We will continue to present videos of all our future coloring books, featuring every page inside.  That way, you’ll know what you’re getting when you purchase one of our coloring books.

Just be sure to visit our website before you buy to see what’s on the inside!

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