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The best pencils, pens markers for coloring?

Once you’ve gotten your new coloring book or coloring pages (hopefully, one of ours!), you’ve gotta color in your new images with something!

Have you ever wondered which are the best coloring pencils, markers and/or pens to use?

We’re sure you have. This is an important question for colorists. Especially if you’re looking to plunk down serious money for high quality coloring implements.

We’ll we’ve got good news for you today. Claire from the Colouring with Claire blog (she’s in the UK so she spells “coloring” with a “u”!) has created a very cool guide on coloring pencils, pens and markers.

We think it’s misnamed the “Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Colouring for Adults” because we think anyone at any stage of adult coloring can benefit from her guide.

Best of all, if you’re on a tight budget, she even includes reviews of lower-priced coloring accessories. Several of which are surprisingly good buys!

So hop on over to Claire’s Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Colouring for Adults and…

Happy Coloring!