New project coming soon plus sneak preview freebies!


We’ve been working on a new adult coloring project that we plan to unveil very soon (as in, within a week). Woohoo!

In the meantime, please enjoy some new coloring freebies, below. First, some ground rules…


  • Okay for your personal coloring enjoyment. It’s also okay if you print out an extra copy or two to give one to a friend, neighbor, your aunt, etc.
  • Okay to share the link to this page with your friends by email, on your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.). Note that the links to the individual images won’t work outside this website so it’s probably best just to share the link to this page.
  • Okay to post COLORED IN images you or your friend have colored to our Facebook or Twitter page, or by email, or on your own Facebook or Twitter page (but please link back to this page!).

Not Okay

  • Not okay for commercial use. These images cannot be sold or used elsewhere, added to any giveaway or book for sale, or antyhing similar, without express written permission from us. The images are copyrighted.
  • Not okay to download the images and email them uncolored or post them uncolored on your website, Facebook, or anything similar (colored in is okay, see above). If you want to share the images with friends so they can color them too, please share the link to this web page instead.

New project thumbnail 001


New Project Coloring Page 1



New project thumbnail 002


New Project Coloring Page 2



New project thumbnail 003


New Project Coloring Page 3

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